Team America Speaks!
Team America Speaks!

We met at the University of Southern California - the doctoral program there encouraged study groups. The six of us formed Team America and all completed the program in record time.

We selected our study group name of Team America because each of us had a strong connection with the military forces of the United States. Now we have kept the name and updated it to match our abilities - Team America Speaks!

Each of us is widely experienced in exercising leadership at the highest levels - civilian, associates, military, volunteerism. And we have the academic base to understand what we do at both a practical and a theoretical level - what W. Edwards Deming would call "profound knowledge."

Each of us has many years of teaching, speaking, seminar leading, and consulting - as well. We can "walk the talk" - "talk the walk" - "walk the walk" - "talk the talk." That translates into doing by the theory - speaking about experience - doing through instinct - speaking about speaking.

We are good friends, colleagues, and members of a surrogate gathering hunting band. The implication is that we cooperate in finding a voice for our excellence.

This website will introduce us to you.

Here we are, click on the name for a bio:

Al Beck
1305 Oakbrooke Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22308
E-mail to: Al

Frank Gavin
34 Sea Smoke Drive
Brunswick, ME 04011
E-mail to: Frank

Roger Gilbertson
Box 103
Washington, DC 20044-0103
E-mail to: Roger.
Website: Roger's Personal Site

George McAleer
8838 Stark Road
Annandale, VA 22003
E-mail to: George

Travis Sample
Route 1, Box 237C
Leesburg, VA 22075
(540) 665-5434
E-mail to: Travis

Patrick Sheeran
9500 Wadsworth Drive
Bethesda, MD 20817
(301) 530-7370
E-mail to: Patrick

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Hello Team America Speaks!

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Keep on having fun.

Created 29 August 1999
Last Updated 25Dec99 [8Nov1999]