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Hello, this is Roger.

I like websites that have icons that are non-animated. I like sites that have fast loading graphics. I like sites that don't require left and right scrolling. I like sites that paint with the white space.

I like sites where the words flow down the middle and you can read them with only two eye scans per line - maybe one if you are a practiced, fast reader.

I like sites that look like this one. Now the content of a website is another matter - that's up to your judgement. For some there just enough content here: but not for others. It depends on what you're looking for and what you need.

I do good seminars - good speeches - good thinking.

What is the benefit your audience gets from having me join it? You tell me what you suspect they might need from a speaker. If I agree with you we might be able to find a way to do it.

This is an essay not really a short bio. Look through it anyway - if you have the time. If not, enjoy your net surfing and maybe come back.

Roger Gilbertson says:

"I have been told to never write about yourself in the first person. But that is what I would rather do."

So here goes. No more quotes unless someone else said it. The rest is me.


Someone did say, "Roger, you have the curiosity of a 6-year old, the energy of an 18-year old, the body of a 36-year old, and the mind of a 109-year old - yet you look like Mayor Koch."

I take most of that as complimentary.


My daughter and son are now adults - I have the experience of being a father.

The development of humankind over the last 10,000,000 years is a major personal research interest. I call the human cultural period before Civilization - Primalization.

I enjoy speaking about the detours we take as civilized people - from the survival culture we used successfully for all but the last 10,000 years. There are effects everywhere. And because I am so sensitive to it - I filter most of what I see around me through the primal metaphor - the detours show up as large "Stop Sign" mosaics.

I have been "doing" a book a day for the last 20 years. I try to sleep from a bit after sunset to a touch before sunrise - very primitive. And because I don't need a lot of sleep that translates into right after the Final Jeopardy Question to about 2 or 3 AM. So I "do" a book, or write, or ponder - just about every morning.


During 1984 to 1988 my reading was focused on getting the Doctorate in Public Administration. That gave me a chance to take courses in philosophy (administrative theory) and psychology (administrative behavior) - and write a dissertation on the development of humankind, "The Search for Wisdom Systems."

I'll be putting my dissertation up on the web when I have a chance.


I retired as a 2-star Rear Admiral - from the United States Naval Reserve. That was in 1998. When I was getting my glasses fitted the young women doing it said, "So you're just a baby retired Admiral - and don't quite know how to do it yet." Interesting point of view.

What did I do as an Admiral? I was the leader of the High Tech Brain Trust of the Navy. That is the Naval Reserve officers who are scientists and engineers. I had 5,000 people in 200 units. One thousand of them had at least a Master of Science degree - and about 100 had doctorates.

It was like being the Chief Executive Officer of a scientific and engineering consulting firm - with branch offices all over the United States.

Over my years as an Admiral I had about a $1,000,000,000 responsibility. I like writing the number out - words make it seem less real. That's about one billion dollars. See? There's a different texture to it that way.

I love learning. You can tell it by my education.

This will take awhile.


BS in engineering from Georgia Tech

MS from Purdue

A second masters and a doctorate from the University of Southern California

A masters equivalent in time and effort from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces

Alumni status from the Harvard Business School as a graduate of the Program for Management Development (one fourth as long as the MBA - but we started with four times the wisdom - so it balanced out)

I did half the course work for the JD from the George Washington University Law Center

I did some post grad work in Political Science at the University of Colorado

I took some psych courses at UCLA at a pivotal time in my life

I took some truly excellent courses from the USDA Graduate School - that's the US Department of Agriculture.

I did some operations research graduate courses at the American University.

I have done the Flag officers course at the Defense Systems Management College.

Took the Capstone Course at the National Defense University.

Took the Reserve Flag Officers program at the Army War College.

Attended the Russian Generals and Admirals Executive Development Course at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government - by special invitation.

And I started my college career by taking the freshman year of college while I was in high school - the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Accelerated Course.


Except for government sponsored short courses all was paid for by me. Yup, I worked my way through colleges. I always had a job in parallel with my educational stuff - I'm not an over-educated under-experienced dilettante.

If anything I suspect I am a hyper-active child who became a channeled, hyper-active adult. People who know me recognize how the energy spills out into the audience and enlivens it. I am usually optimistic, usually authentic - sometimes despite the "Fog of Civilization."

When I was completing the certification process for being a CSL - Certified Seminar Leader - the following topic was suggested for me by my seminar-leader friends:

Civilization Rage is Killing You!
How Do You Tame It?

I like that title for my flagship seminar. It gives me navigation scope to develop the concept of cultural detours from Primalization into Civilization. I've got things to say about leadership, business, ethics, communications, technology, and a lot more.


If you'd like to talk about it send me an e-mail!

My over 30 years of civilian experience is also deep and broad at the same time. I spent the first 20 years in a variety of mental navigational challenges - from computers to international trade to management-labor to the President's Reorganization Project, plus many more. The last 10 years has been as a Program Manager for Basic Research. I mentor about $100,000,000 in research cooking along in scholastic and non-profit organizations.

I've had two demanding full-time careers at the same time - the Navy and civilian careers were in parallel from 1968 to 1998. Oh yes, and from 1990 to 1995 I also taught as an adjunct member of the MBS faculty at Shenandoah Univerity. That's two and a half careers in parallel.


Money is last - or should be. Other human considerations are really higher priority - time, trust, truth, authenticity, and a lot more. I do speak for free or for a fee. If your organization normally has volunteer speakers I am willing to explore that.

If you habitually pay for speakers then I do have a fee - about the same as anyone else who is in the celebrity range.

Roger has
been there
done that!


Dr. Roger Gilbertson - I tell stories
that have meaning.

Rear Admiral USNR Retired

This takes 6 pages on a printer - if you like hard copy.

I use the "Dr." and the "Rear Admiral" because
they do have an influence in Civilization.
My Primalization name is just plain "Roger."

I have another website with a lot more stuff at SunburstGuru.

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Updated on 29 August 1999